Improving Your Land with a Chicken Tractor

There’s a contrast in the picture below…



see the green in the foreground and how it tapers off to grey/tan?

Here’s another comparison…



a closer look…

20150421_153512 vs20150421_153502

The green is where last year’s chicken tractor ran.  I ran 100 (approximately) chickens in a 10′ x 12′ chicken tractor.

This is the good news.

As I’ve mentioned before, the birds did not make weight. (measuring Delaware growth).  Looking back, I can see that  should have tried the tractor with broilers.  Dual purpose breeds that have fallen by the wayside just aren’t up to the work.  Unfortunately, the Delaware is one of these breeds until people invest time and energy into them.  Also, broilers don’t need to roost.

I’m planning an egg-mobile (possibly next year) to have the same effect on my pasture.  I may consider a chicken tractor again.

I think the tractor is the cheapest investment you can make for your land.  Plus, you get a positive result–chickens!


Before you go crazy, buying chicks and building a tractor…  Consider buying a scalder and a plucker.

Happy farming!