3rd Pig Conformation Thoughts

I have some information and some more pics of Abraham, the homestead’s newest addition.


Abe is center

Born Aug 26, 2013, Abraham’s dad was a cross between  Berkshire and Duroc.  His mom has Berkshire, Poland China and Duroc in her lines.

I’d like Abe to become a daddy.  That’s going to depend on him though.  He might end up in the freezer.  I’m concerned about his rear legs right now.  I’m not at home to see him and only have pictures to go by, but it seems to me his rear legs aren’t as up and down as I’d like them to be.

A boar’s legs are important.  He won’t be able to do what he needs to with a girl pig if he can’t put most of his weight on the back legs.

The issue, if there is one, might be due to his claws.  Running around on our stony ground may wear them down a bit and he’ll be fine.

I’m not a pig expert, but conformation, the way the pig is built, is very important.  I like my pigs to stand like a table.  The legs should be up and down like table legs, rather than sticking out to the sides or too close together.  The claws should point forward.  The pig shouldn’t be standing on its dew claws, but they should be close to the ground.


I have more thoughts about conformation, but my Internet connection isn’t the best today.

Either way, Abe has a place at the stead.  For 6 months at least.