Planting at the Next Level: The Seeder

I’ve had some pretty big gardens IMHO.

What I’m planning to do this growing season isn’t gardening.  I’m going to plant corn and beans by the pound and probably peas as well.

Normally, I’d spade up the ground, chop up the clods–basically hand till the soil.  Then I’d make my rows with a hoe and plant by hand.

I need to step up my game.  I’m not sure how I’m going to cultivate the soil, but I do have a plan for sowing the seeds.

Enter the Earthway 1001B Seeder.

seederThis is a single row seeder.  It comes with 6 disks that regulate the amount of seed that’s released as you push it along.  There are extra disks that can be purchased separately.  The extra disks will expand the variety of seeds you can sow.

The upside is that I should be able to sow all my corn in about 15 minutes instead of an hour.  I may be able to go faster.

The downside is that the soil has to be well tilled before using the seeder.  Tilling isn’t going to do much for me–the soil isn’t compacted and I’d rather leave what little grass is growing in place to hold water.

I may buy an extra seeder and “frankenstein” it.  I would add some weight and make it something to be dragged by the ATV.

I’m planning on bringing my tractor to the stead this coming weekend.  I don’t have any implements for cultivation though.  I’m going to try to avoid using it for agrarian purposes as much as possible.  I plan to use it to dig post holes, move snow and that kind of thing.  We’ll see how long that lasts!