Eviction Update

Today was to be the last day for the renters to be on the property.

I got a call and went over to speak with them.

The good news is that they have a new place.  The bad news is that electricity won’t be on for a bit.  They wanted more time.

I’m okay with that.  They’ve been cleaning up.  I’ve seen several pickup loads of stuff moved in the last week.  I haven’t had to get a lawyer, go to court or call the sheriff.

I asked that I be able to use one of the outside faucets.  There was no problem with that.  I brought over some hoses and now I have running water.  Life is good!

Things are turning out well.  The renters are taking over payments on their next place, so they’re better off.  Soon I’ll have septic and electric in addition to the water.

I’ll update on this topic soon.

Happy Living!