New Pigs, New Pasture, Part I of III (hopefully)

The wife and I picked up a couple piglets the other day.

The piglets are part of the plan that we have for our pigs.  The first part of the plan is to have two herds.  The second part of the plan is to have sales of $15,000 (or more) a year per herd, starting in 2016.  The $15,000 will come from three kinds of sales:  weaner sales, ready to butcher sales and cuts.

The first herd is our Hereford herd.  Our plan was to order a couple gilts to expand the herd in preparation for a bunch of 2016 spring litters.  While we were planning that, opportunities for the second herd took over.  So we’ve hit the “pause” button on Herefords for now.

So, the second herd is our meat herd.  This herd is a mix of breeds to get quick growth and the quality of meat we want.

We have a couple of Durocs that will be part of this herd, but they’re up with the Herefords right now.  While our Duroc sow has many of the characteristics we want, there are a lot better looking pigs for our purposes out there.

Enter Thelma and Louise.  They’re on our new pasture, down the hill.


Here’s a better look at their assets.  No pun intended.



They’re seven weeks old and close to 70 lbs.  Look at those hams.  Just for notes, their grandma (Toots)was GOS and Duroc, Their mom (Shugs) had an AI dad (Rock Candy).  Their dad was a boar named Jack.  his mom was a large black and old spots.

So, a good start to our meat herd.  More to come though!