Number 4

My chickens don’t have very original names because they all look the same. Unless you have them all standing in a line up. Who am I kidding? Have you ever seen chickens line up perfectly unless they are at the feeder?

I notice one with a different comb and twenty minutes later, I’m not even sure if I’m looking at the same chicken. You may remember we started with six Buff Orpingtons and we are now down to four. With winter being so harsh, I kept them cooped up all day for a few days (we’ve also had coyotes running behind the coop), but lately, I’ve been able to let them out to roam and forage like they prefer to do.

At one time, we had four chickens going in and out. Then one night, I see only three back in the coop. If you’ve been following our blog, you will know this isn’t the first time we’ve lost one. Sometimes weeks will go by and there are only three chickens. Then you go out to warm up the car, and hey, there’s number 4. Now, whether this is the same chicken or not, I have no idea, but I’m guessing it is.

The other day I went to let them out and one of the hens came running out the door and ran around coop (seriously, I’ve never seen them do this before) and she went running down the little incline by the coop and under a sheet of metal (it’s actually the side of an old RV that the previous people living there conveniently left in a trash pile). I laughed to myself and said well, she must have found a good hiding spot. I think this is probably the same little hen that was sitting on eighteen+ eggs when I found her under a pile of wood waiting to be burned.

I went back out after awhile to see if she was hiding there, and she wasn’t, but I did find a stash of eggs. YUM! This chicken reminds me how much I more I need to learn and observe about them. If it was the same chicken, and she was broody last time, why isn’t she broody now?

I can’t wait for it to warm up so I can observe them better. And, for now, welcome back Number 4. ¬†Below is one of my favorite pictures from this summer. Nothing like stepping out on the porch to get the ‘look’ from a chicken.