Mangalitsa Piglets Arrive

Our Mangalitsa/Berk gave birth on July 16th.  The sire was all Mangalitsa, so we have mostly Mangalitsa babies.



I waited awhile to post about their arrival because I’d heard a lot of negative things about the mom.

I bought the mom for cheap as these things go.  She was already bred and I paid $600 for her.  That probably doesn’t sound like a deal to you, but I should be able to sell the piglets for $600 each.  You see, the mom has a reputation for killing her babies.

No problems this time.  Petunia has been a very attentive mom.  I will say that she’s vigorously defensive of her babes.

So, if you’re looking for Mangalitsas near Spokane, Washington, we might have some for you.  You can find us here…  Beautiful Nazareth Farms    Oh, and we have the garden variety of pigs available as well.  :-)